A brief psychological test to quickly assess your current state of mind – which hemisphere is dominant at this very moment.
It is interesting to observe how the direction of the figures' rotation changes along with your emotional or logical state.
Check back here periodically to determine your usual state in various circumstances.
Are regular thoughts and worries bothering you, or do you predominantly live in the moment, in the present, and react accordingly?

It is important to note that the Dominant Hemisphere of the Brain Test is not a definitive test of brain dominance. There is no such thing as a "pure" left-brain or right-brain thinker. Most people have a dominant hemisphere, but they also use the other hemisphere to some extent.

The Dominant Hemisphere of the Brain Test can be a fun and informative way to learn more about your brain. It can also help you to understand why you think and behave the way you do.

The dominant hemisphere of the brain test is not only a fun way to check your current mood, but also a useful tool to understand yourself better. Knowing which hemisphere is more active at different times can help you improve your cognitive skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence. For example, if you want to boost your logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, you can try to activate your left brain by doing puzzles, math problems, or learning a new language. On the other hand, if you want to enhance your imagination and intuition, you can stimulate your right brain by listening to music, drawing, or meditating.

A Few Interesting Facts About Left and Right Hemispheres of the Brain

1A scientific study (Corballis MC (2014) Left Brain, Right Brain: Facts and Fantasies. PLoS Biol 12(1): e1001767) confirms that brain asymmetry is not fixed and change depending on the task and the cognitive and emotional state of the person. This suggests that people can switch between left-brain and right-brain modes depending on the situation and their goals.

2According to another research paper on the functional connections in the brain (Dorit Kliemann, Ralph Adolphs, J. Michael Tyszka, Bruce Fischl, B.T. Thomas Yeo, Remya Nair, Julien Dubois, Lynn K. Paul. Intrinsic Functional Connectivity of the Brain in Adults with a Single Cerebral Hemisphere. Cell Reports, 2019; 29 (8): 2398 DOI: 10.1016 /j.celrep.2019.10.067) women's brains are more connected between hemispheres, while men's brains are more connected within hemispheres.
This may give women an advantage in integrating information from different sources and performing tasks that require both verbal and spatial skills, while men may have an edge in processing information within a single domain and performing tasks that require focused attention and concentration.

3From the spiritual perspective, a paper by Bryan J Williams is of an interest, where he finds that extrasensory perception (ESP), such as telepathy or clairvoyance, are likely to be related to the activity of the right hemisphere of the brain. The right hemisphere is also associated with out-of-body experiences (OBEs), which some people claim to have during altered states of consciousness.
Indeed, to have such experiences, we need to let go off the thoughts and be in the Now.

Logic or Emotion, Intuition Test

The right hemisphere of the brain is considered more creative and intuitive. It is responsible for spatial perception, emotions, empathy, and visual thinking.

The left hemisphere is considered more logical and analytical. It is responsible for speech and mathematics.

If you strive for a state of happiness and energy balance, relax, meditate, and let all three figures rotate counterclockwise!

Test Dominant Hemisphere of the Brain - rotating figures

If the tree rotates clockwise, the left hemisphere of the brain is actively dominant, responsible for thinking (analysis, logic, so-called common sense).

If it rotates counterclockwise, the right hemisphere is actively dominant, responsible for intuition, emotions, and perceiving reality in a more "raw" form, closer to as it is.

Perhaps you will prefer the animation of the girl with a good figure. She is undoubtedly more aesthetically pleasing, but it does not allow you to assess the extent of hemisphere activity since the two trees can rotate in the same direction or in different directions.

Observe and experiment!

Rotating girl dancer to test the dominance of the hemispheres - logical or emotional.