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Eternal Questions

There are so many questions we are seeking answers to throughout our lives. Many leave us baffled forever. Trying to figure out meanings to our lives. Below are just a few questions I wondered about, pondered, and, with time, will share my perception when I get an urge to write or if you ask me!

Divine, amazing sunrise at the beach, greenery, violet flowers
Walking with Jesus

What is God? Is Bible just a collection of weird fantasy stories?

Does God exist? Are there many Gods or just one? Are angels real? Is hell a real place? 

Why do people believe in God? Does it come out of weakness, strength, knowledge, or faith?

Who was Jesus? What is Christ's consciousness? 

What is the origin of humankind? How did humans develop? Was it evolution? Are we a product of a forgotten (or not forgotten) experiment? 

How much of history is true, at least remotely?

How to pray?

How to meditate?

Is Buddhism more a religion or a lifestyle? 

Can you be a Buddhist in the modern world without being a monk?

Do we have a soul? What is a Higher Self? Is it a real thing? 

Is there life after death? Is it paradise or hell? Or is it reincarnation? Or maybe there will be nothingness, or there will be nothing more – is there even a difference?

What does it mean to be aware? What are the actual hints on how to raise your awareness and be mindful?

What is consciousness? How does our mind function? How to master your thought and emotions?

What is manifestation? How to befriend acceptance and manifestation? Can you have both?

Should you fight for your goals or go with the flow? How do you find a balance?

What is love? How to know if you really love somebody?

How to stay healthy? Is it ok to eat animal products? How bad sweets and salt are? What is the difference between vegan, vegetarian, raw vegan, etc.? Do they do it because they had to, out of fun or compassion towards animals?

Is our Earth round, flat or something else? Did it change along with a historical change? Is there a dome around / above the Earth? 

What to believe? Who and what to trust? 

How to be happy? How to take over negative thoughts?

What questions even matter? Should you even bother? Or should you focus on more earthly matters? Can you even be happy if you're sick, weak or poor?

These questions I had throughout my self-development, and the list could go on. Some questions are now answered, some are not, and some answers evolve or even change dramatically through my life experiences. 

If you are on my website, your list of questions is probably very similar or even more complex. .

Affirmations for Personal Growth & Glow

Path to Happiness & Health

I will strive to cover as many topics as possible. And your requests will define the priorities. Will be happy to get a message from you, which topics you're interested in, which ones you'd want to be covered in more details. And, by all means, please, debate!

Everything I'm sharing here – is just one of the many ways! So share yours – they might click with the readers better.

Being happy!

How to become happy

What is happiness and how to be happy (plan)
What is love.

couple facing ocean at dusk, Thailand
Being aware


Self-awareness through staying mindful of one's actions, feelings, and sensations.
How to meditate correctly.

Overcome fears and negativity

Fears and negativity

How to identify and overcome fears; replace negative feelings and thoughts with positive ones. Techniques to quickly take over and get rid of negative emotions. Eliminate anger, aggression, frustration, and resentment. Become mentally healthy, and physical health improvements will follow.

Think right, stay mindful

Algorithms of a healthy mind

Algorithms for proper mindful processing, attuning to new perceptions and concepts, HOW to think beneficially for oneself – what and HOW to do with it next.

Spiritual tip

Our mind constantly challenges and struggles with us, with our souls. And often dominates. Whereas it is not nearly as powerful as the soul, but soul rarely chooses confrontation. It is a constant battle. By staying aware of it, you reclaim your freedom and use your brain mainly to process what has happened or is happening in the moment, but not to dictate your future, wishes and expectations.

VK advising on mind control and staying mentally healthy
Conquer your mind

Prevail over a mentally unhealthy brain

Woe from mind – stop obeying your thoughts, conquer your mind and use it as one of your organs, as it is supposed to be. Manage your mind like a car. Be happy at the wheel!

Stay aware of your mind

Mind control

Define your route, direction and direct your attention and thoughts towards positive channels that lead to a happy life and health.

3 Popular & 3 Recent Articles on Self-Development

Give me some time to translate the articles.

VK hanging off cliff Big Sur
Mind, Consciousness

How to Overcome Fear [3 Steps]

Fear often underlies negative feelings such as anxiety, anger, and depression. Overcoming fear requires a change in a mindset and relinquishing control. The mind, driven by fear, tends to focus on worst-case scenarios and limits potential. Learn how to shift mentality.

Helping Each Other to Live a Happy and Conscious Life

I'd love to connect with like-minded people, striving and aspiring minds, kind souls, who wish to live and not exist, who want to break through stereotypes, current norms and numerous chains.

Periodically throughout my life, I ask myself what I decision would have changed or done differently. And I always answer honestly – none. I am happy and grateful for my experience and my life. I consider them beautiful. I wouldn't want to eliminate anything, replace anything. I only wish to have new experiences that I would like to live through.

At some point in my life, I began actively delving into the awareness of the existential questions, God. I established a well-perceivable connection with the divine, with the Higher Self, with God, angels – the difference is only in terminology, the essence is the same.

My spiritual path is probably somewhat rare, as I came from from being a staunch atheist who did not believe in any specific Gods, heaven or hell, relying solely on reason, – to now living and feeling a connection with higher energies, Unity (of all of us and everything), guardian angels, or "my energies." I feel and know God, who manifests Itself to us in everything, you just need to be open.

At that, everyone can choose the language they use to talk to God, in which God will answer: in dreams, meditations, words, images, sensations, feelings, visions, thoughts, events, via other people, films, books, songs, "coincidences", of which there are actually none, and in any other variations!

A man meditating in the nature talking to God

When connection with God is established, the perception of life changes, sensations and feelings become more saturated, deep, and subtle at the same time. These are wonderful, mind-blowing sensations!

We are all interconnected, we all have the potential to help each other, to be useful. In interaction, we change, we get to know ourselves, people around us, and the world around us – this is when we truly live. Let's grow and shine together!

I am ready to help you see or create beauty in your life, find peace and bliss.

I realize how various people have influenced my life. Some acquaintances conceptually changed my consciousness and life. Some phrases were so pivotal that they periodically resurface in my consciousness and support me after many years.

Often we need to hear what we already know, but it has simply gone beyond our attention field. Sometimes we need to be heard. Sometimes we need to ask or correct our direction to get back on our life path.

Shifting attention is one of the most important ways of navigating life. Indeed, try reaching your destination by looking back. It may seem unrealistic to us, but many people can live their whole lives like that! You need to constantly be mindful, so as not to follow a false or alien path. It is necessary to constantly remember mindfulness in order not to go the wrong or someone else's way.

My Spiritual Path

Spiritual development, nature, sun, tree

Since 2000, I have been studying laws. Since 2007, I have been delving into the laws of life - the most important and only ones that have true value if the goal is happiness, harmony, and love, rather than the sophistry of the mind and passive reflections.

At first, I learned to notice, to be aware, to learn life lessons, and to learn from mistakes. Now I am learning to notice signs and listen to my intuition. I meticulously studied books and articles on self-development, personal growth, time management, etc., read between the lines of ideas in movies, and did not blindly trust critics, commentators, and interpreters, preferring to study, where possible, original sources.

I tested the concepts and ideas laid out in various teachings in my life, conducting experiments, and drawing conclusions afterward. I was able to combine in my mind approaches laid out in books on goal achievement, career growth, time management, based on ambition and achieving new heights and goals, and the acceptance and feeling of happiness and satisfaction with what you have at the present moment, laid out in Buddhism.

For many years, I gradually collected, analyzed, and tested information - I built a system of rules in life, learned and lived these rules. The rules for a happy life are not new, they are known, they are in many works and teachings, including the Bible, Buddhism, etc. But by seeing them in a system, realizing the chain of laws of life, you can make a conscious leap in self-development.

Knowledge without action is useless. Sometimes it is essential to discuss, to ask - this can significantly save time in learning. Especially when they can suggest how to apply specific principles precisely in your situation. Which aspects of yourself to pay attention to. How to understand your goals and how to achieve them.

I am not a shoemaker without shoes: having gone through the stages of self-knowledge and self-development mentioned above, for several years now I have been living in a state of happiness, tranquility, anticipation of new pleasant surprises that life prepares – you just need to notice and welcome them.

My global goal according to the Human Design is to help others see the many possibilities in life and ways to make their lifes more beautiful and happier, to help them stay open to the world.

I don't have answers to all the questions. And that's not necessary. It's important to move forward, to live, to experience. It's easier to do this in interaction. Any interaction can give us something, we just need to see this value.