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How to Overcome Fear [3 Steps]

There is a certain kind of fear in the basis of most negative feelings. It is fear that creates and nourishes negative feelings (anxiety, anger, frustration and others), including their more-protracted form โ€“ depression.

It is hardly possible to get rid of fears without changing yourself, your personality.

Fear Is a Weapon of Your Mind Directed Against You

The first thing to realise: fear is a product of your mind, your mind alone.
So, get rid of fear without fear. ๐Ÿ™‚

Only true fear in the moment โ€“ fear of the physical body โ€“ deserves your attention and reaction.

Fear is a way for an unhealthy organ, the brain, to take control over a person. Yes, indeed, I would probably say that the mind actively fights for being considered the main organ, with its end goal โ€“ for the person to identify oneself with the mind!

Happiness is the enemy of mind. Our mind does not want us to be happy. Even though it longs for pleasure, joy, excitement. Unhealthy mind considers happiness as a real threat to its existence. You need to rewire your mind.

Via fears, the mind gives birth to such thoughts as: you have to be careful, it's not worth trying, a lot of bad things could happen, what if it gets worse, what if it doesn't work out, it will go south, etc. Via fears, the mind as your part increases its importance, because you have to think anything through first, assess all the risks and bad scenarios, then think how to avoid it, then think again about one thing, another โ€“ did you notice?
It's always โ€“ think! This is how our mind lives, how it functions.

Since childhood we've been taught to think. To foresee and assess consequences. And that's when we labeled our mind in a wrong way. It's not its main function, I would say. Nope.

Ovecome fears and get rid of them - VK hanging off the cliff

But you will say that thinking is a human trait, that's why we call ourselves homo sapiens (rational human beings). And fear, on the contrary, is a way for the mind to protect and save us from trouble or worse.

Is that so?

Aren't we much more than just our mind, even if we look at ourselves from a purely physiological point of view.

๐Ÿ’ก By the way, we always use "my" or other possessive pronouns in respect of the mind (to be fair: anything else, like soul, heart, abilities, etc.). So mind โ€“ is not us. Mind is given to us to use, to exploit, not to become its slave.

Did man evolve into a thinking being, intellectually superior to other beings (as many would say) only to then hinder their development and disrupt their own life? Doesn't that seem a bit absurd?

Fear is the shackles, the chains that restrict your choices and actions.
Through fear, the mind distances you from a happy and carefree life.

Fear hinders the normal circulation of energy within you and the normal exchange of information and energy with our outer world.

Mental fear is utterly useless and destructive.

Fear poisons life, alters plans, and leads to living in fantasies. It makes us believe it is better not to be active, not to learn or try new things, and not to change or grow.

Have there been instances in your life where mental fear helped you? If you happen to recall such cases, take a closer look and consider whether your assessment of it is genuine and 100% correct, and what could have happened if you had acted differently after all? Because your mind will fight to the end, justifying its decisions, its perspective, clinging to one of its most powerful weapons for controlling you as a whole โ€“ fear.
Give it new tasks to ponder, breathe a new vector of reasoning into your mind.

Recall the state of being in complete joy, carefreeness, harmony, lightness, and so on โ€“ did you actively think about it or simply feel it? You definitely didn't think! Because as soon as you start thinking about something, you instantly shift from a state of conscious living to being trapped in your thoughts, in an illusory life that exists mostly if not solely in your mind. The more actively and strongly you think, the weaker and thinner your connection with the real life around you becomes.

You cannot be 100% happy and carefree while simultaneously thinking about something; your attention is redirected from one to another.

Why do so few people say they are happy, carefree, joyful, and free, and even fewer truly feel it? Because by default, the mind constantly fights for power, for dominance over the individual. The mind tries to grasp as many external and internal factors as possible and attach some form of fear to them.

Fear Is a Tool to Control and Manage Society

As systemic beings, people create society and structures. Structure cannot exist without connections, without hierarchies. Control and power are the ways of moving up the social hierarchy. Fear, as one of the most powerful tools of control and establishment of power, is undoubtedly actively used in society by many individuals.

Fear is actively used as a tool of control in society. Very actively. Look at the news โ€“ what is the ratio of good news compared to negative news that makes you THINK, think instead of feeling positive (joy, harmony, tranquility, reliability, etc.)?

Happiness Is a Step Up In the Evolution of a Human

In the grand scale of the world, humans have only recently become rational beings. Moreover, it is said that throughout many centuries, millennia, our brain has been evolving (if we adhere to the most common theory of human evolution).

Most people simply haven't learnt to control, to utilise their brain. Like children who receive a new cool toy and play with it non-stop, it becomes their favourite. It is now always with them. They can't go anywhere without it. They can't imagine their life without it!

It's time to grow up! It's time to acknowledge and recognise that the mind is powerful, that it sets us apart from other beings. And that's precisely why we must learn to USE IT. Not to submit to it, justifying it by saying that since the mind sets us apart from other beings, we must live by its rules.

Learn to USE your brain!

Don't create a virtual world for yourself. Many people fear technology โ€“ virtual reality โ€“ while failing to realise that they have actually long been living in it already, rarely breaking free from the virtual reality created by their own mind.

How to Overcome Fears

I intentionally didn't shorten the flow of my thoughts about fears in general and how to fight and successfully overcome fears, leaving the emotions and energy with which they were charged. And in this article, I don't want to provide complete set of specific algorithms for overcoming and eliminating fears. Because the article itself is already a good foundation either for declaring a boycott, a war against your mind, or for a soft and swift democratic change of power.

Because to realise what was written above, to feel what was said, i.e., to see and recognise the weapon used against you, to understand how it operates and is used by your mind โ€“ just that alone is capable of fundamentally changing the course of your thoughts.

Overcoming fears does not mean living thoughtlessly. You still utilise your mind just as much. You simply direct your attention, your mental attention, to the real world rather than your own thoughts (a nonexistent world).

And as to the brain, this most powerful human's tool, all you need to do is just to write in your mind's core that living in a real world, in a positive world, a world without fear and negativity โ€“ is not only beneficial for the entire you but also for this insatiable body organ โ€“ the brain.

As a matter of fact, the mind with all this struggle for power compensates for its weakness, like a kind of inferiority complex.
Each of us deep down understands, knows the true place of the mind, and the mind knows it too (after all, to know is its essence!), but due to its functions in the body, it is more capable of influencing the course of our lives than other organs, which it takes advantage of in order to assert its dominant role in the whole body. Just dispel this "conspiracy" of your mind. Don't be your own enemy!

3 steps to help you overcome fear

  1. So, realise that the mind, which seeks to dominate in life, is an enemy; an enemy that uses fear as a weapon against you.
  2. By depriving your mind of this weapon (fear), and consequently, a lion's share of power and attention, you must nurture its value and significance by redirecting your attention to the real world, to the world around you, existing in this very moment.
  3. By consciously residing in the present moment, you occupy your mind. Focus your attention on happiness.

It's a win-win: you live a happy, conscious life, and the mind functions at its fullest.
The end of war, the end of fears!

Evolve from being a rational human to a conscious and sentient human.
Enjoy life, be a comprehensive conductor of energy, vibrate at the frequency of positivity!

And the world around you will begin to transform. Not because it is currently bad or different, but because you will change your mentality, shift your focus, and start looking at the world differently.

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